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Why Choose SESA Global for Dumper Truck?

"SESA Global" a name that is synonymous to the construction industry, The Company has made a balanced development in the sector with its continuous and committed efforts. SESA Global is the leading dumper truck supplier in India, The Company also a leading dumper truck importer. We also have known as a leading dumper truck exporter in India. We are also known for our QUALITY YOU CAN RELY ON. With our decade of industrial knowledge and veteran workforce, we are committed supply an unmatched range of Dumper Truck.

What is Dumper truck?

A Dumper truck which is also known as dump truck / tipper truck. It is used for transporting loose material i.e. (soil) is composed of fragments of minerals and rocks generated from the breaking up or dissolving of the earth's solid rocks. There are several use of the vehicle in the following industries: Construction, Winter Service, Mining Industry, Infrastructure.

There are different types of tipper truck:

Dumper-Trucks-Supplier • High Skip Dumpers
• High Swivel Skip Dumpers
• Heavy Duty Front Tip Dumpers
• Tracked Dumpers
• Standard dump truck
• Semi trailer end dump truck
• Transfer dump truck
• Superdump truck
• Semi trailer bottom dump truck
• Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck
• Side dump truck
• Roll-off trucks